1st General meeting, 9-10th May 2017 in Seville (IDENER)

The goal of this meeting was to review the main activities and results achieved up to date in each one of the WPs and plan/organise the next steps and activities. Special attention was also paid to the coming deliverables (D4.1.Model specification document (M8), D2.3.System requirements specification (M12), and the D2.4.Characteristics of Operator Work and User Acceptance in the Process Industry (M12)).

During the second day of the meeting, several parallel sessions/working groups were organised to answer specific questions and define the action plan for different topics identified during the first day meeting, such as: differences and similarities between the Steel and Copper use cases, tools for the development phase and pilot process implementation phase or the relationship between the KPIs, the requirements and the LCA aspects.

An Steering Committee was also organised addressing, among other topics, the risk management and IPR/exploitation/confidentiality issues.

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