3rd General meeting, 24-25th April 2018 in Leuven (Belgium)

During the meeting, the partners reviewed the main activities and results achieved in each one of the active WPs (WP3-WP4-WP5-WP7), including demos of some of the models developed for the steel and copper case, and the planning of the next steps and activities. Special attention was also paid to:

  • the coming deliverables D3.2 Data repository and case process databases, D3.3 Pre-processing tools for collected data, D3.6 Analysis tools and methods for case studies, D3.7 Software architecture description for the runtime system (update), D5.1 Optimization problem formulations, D5.2 Runtime system prototype with user guide, D7.3 Master Dissemination and Communication Plan (update) and D7.4 Draft business and exploitation plan
  • the human factors requirements and how they affect the software development and implementation (Person-to-person and Person-to-system requirements vs Process-oriented and Result-oriented requirements
  • the results of the two exploitation workshops carried out in the project (for the steel case and copper case tool) and the definition of the COCOP exploitation strategy

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