MSi Grupo (Mondragon Sistemas De Informacion Sociedad Cooperativa) (MSI)

MSI is an Automation, Industrial Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering SME company (100 employees, San Sebastian - Spain) that develops, implements and maintains integral solutions based on Control, Information and Communication technologies to increase the efficiency of operation and its clients competitiveness. MSI offers solutions to several industries as metal transformation, iron and steel industry, water, paper, air, etc. MSI identifies the needs and problems of their customers, shares with them the technological concerns and puts forward competitive solutions. All this enables them to have a close relationship with their customers resulting in new line implementations as revampings of existing lines.

The main solutions are (i) Automation, Basic Control and Industrial Informatics solutions, (ii) Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to manage production activities of industrial plants and (iii) Solutions concerning energy efficiency and Advanced Control.

Main tasks in the project:

  • MSI will act as an integrator in the Sidenor Use Case, guaranteeing the reliability of the data acquisition and storage of the process data in the target data container. Since the complete data acquisition will be heterogenous in speed (some parameters in milliseconds, others in seconds, minutes...), medium (ethernet, electrical,...) and protocol (OPC, TCP/IP), an industrial architecture will be set up to obtain a reliable data acquisition with redundancy of data and transparency for the higher level treatment software layer.
  • Additionally MSI will be in charge of the analysis of the replication options of the project results in the water treatment sector, since MSI has experience in this sector.