4th General meeting, 16-17th October 2018 in Düsseldorf (BFI)

During the meeting, the partners reviewed the main activities and results achieved in each one of the active WPs (WP3-WP4-WP5-WP7) and the planning of the next steps and activities. It was an interactive meeting with several demos such as:

  • Online LCA and ACT integration demo
  • Live demonstration of using the COCOP communication models for simulations over the AMQP message bus: simulators in Dusseldorf, message bus running in Finland
  • Demos of the first tools implemented for the copper pilot case: PSC (Peirce-Smith Converter) advisory tool to reduce copper losses to slag, increase life-time of bricks at tuyere line, improve start conditions in anode furnace and simulate the impurities in blister; and FSF (Flash Smelting Furnace ) Advisory tool to help the operator in matte grade, temperature control and slag chemistry control.
  • Demos of the first tools implemented for the steel pilot case: Secondary Metallurgy tool to provide information about the castability index predictions and Continuous Casting tool to provide information about the predictions of the shell thicknesses at the end of the mould and the temperature of the billet before the straightener. When these parameters are below the thresholds defined by the operator, the tools provide an alarm to warn the operators of a risk.

Special attention was also paid to the launching of the WP6-Co-creation, verification & validation whose main goal is:

  • Ensure operator support and involvement via co-creation
  • Test the runtime system
  • Provide estimates of the benefits of the runtime system

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