6th General meeting, 8-9th October 2019 in Helsinki (VTT)

During the meeting the partners reviewed the main activities and results achieved in each WP, the status of the advisory tools for the steel and copper pilot cases, and the planning of the next steps and activities. Special attention was paid to:

  • The on-line testing of the tools developed in the project
  • The way to show the impacts of the COCOP implementation. Three different sets of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) were defined at the initial stage of the project for each pilot case: technical, social and development. Each defined KPI can contribute to one or several top level impacts (like energy usage or CO2 emissions). During the meeting, the way to evaluate each one of the defined KPIs was  analysed
  • The review of the preliminary results of the transferability assessment to the Chemical, urban Waste Water Treatment plants and Glass manufacturing sectors
  • The review of the identified exploitation results and the planning of the activities for the elaboration of the business plans for the tools developed for the copper and steel pilot cases
  • The final workshop of the project that will be organised at the end of the project
  • The remaining deliverables

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